Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A.X.E. Dice Packaging

50 STANDARD VHS CASES - BLACK - PSV10I wanted something a little different, but strong and the hippy in me said "Something recycled" I found these 
VHS cases, the larger style that don't have the spindles. I dug one out from my loft and tried it out, Excellent!
The outer sleeve will carry the cover art (on the reverse will be cheat sheet style rule notes). Inside there is more than enough space for the Dice, Rules, Character cards, and miniatures. So apart from a pad of graph paper or dungeon tiles (if you have them).

Best thing is the cost £12 for 50. This means that overall the cost for A.X.E. Dice will be lower.
In fact I have decided that for any PCC games releases for sale I shall use these, they fit the book case nicely.


  1. That's cool. They still make those, though? Or are they truly recycled?

  2. Well I found a site selling recycled ones, and another that says they are from recycled plastic. But for cost purposes for players and of course myself I'll probably go with the cheapest option

  3. I like it! The package dows not take up a lot of space and still fits on a shelf in a reasonable fashion.