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This page/posting will be updated as and when I can transcribed my scribbles to PC. All the games here can be requested and I will email them to you.

CQ is another GM less storytelling adventure game similar to Heroquest using miniatures to explore randomly created dungeon complexes. 1+ players and 30mins + playtime.  I came up with and is as complete as it can be, its freely available to those who want it. CARDQUEST, came about following the slew of Trading card games, most seemed very abstract in the way they played, and I looked at the old Dungeon floor plans and drew a comparison where a deck of cards could represent tunnels, rooms, treasure etc. And players could randomly create their playing world and place the cards on the table to show floor layouts.

Characters or Avatars as I call them are on similar sized cards and there would be hardly any writing or note taking, hit point positions would be denoted by sliding a paperclip up and down the side of the card.

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