Saturday, 2 March 2013

Back again

Hi folks
Well its been a long time, I've had a lot on Family, Work, and other things.
To catch up, AXE Dice was a dismal failure on Kickstarter and really got me down, somewhere kicking around my house there's the couple of prototype dice. I've used them a few times and everyone has enjoyed the simplicity.

On the games front, I may have mentioned I also do Live Roleplaying, and currently I'm running an event in July. The world I created is not entirely original, more a spin on existing themes. Its called Dawn of Steel and is a merging of several fantasy heroics Conan, Cuchalainn, Scorpion King and Slaine from the comic 2000ad. So lots of Barbarian action.
The reason I mention this is that I've also used it in a tabletop game using the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG rules.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Been a while.

Hi everyone,
Its been a while, just to keep you up to speed, I've still only had 1 donation towards A.X.E. and I have a feeling I may just cancel the project. It'd be sad because I really wanted to see it happen.

Aside from that the rules for ORCS INNIT! are coming along well from the scrappy notes from my books.

I've found a fun novelty idea that I may launch as a novelty competition, BMB - Beer Mat Battling.
BMB - an odd concept of having a game, be it board, war or Skirmish on a 3" square board.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

My style of game.

There are systems out there that profess to being to the most realistic rules system, Ok chaps lets bring some reality in here, you want real?
A lucky shot on a jugular at the right angle with a box cutter, that is real, is it fun in a game?
Well I'd have to say you would be quite a strange cat to like that.
I like fantastic, heroic actions, stuff that make you go Wow! thats Drokkin cool dude!
Conan, Skywalker, Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan, enjoyable shit I can watch again and again.

Don't get me wrong, I like history I watched Saving private Ryan and Schindlers List and "Threads" (OK Threads is theoretical fiction), But I can't see it as fun, I just can't

Skirmish games are Brilliant if done well, but MORALE and ROUT rules, C'mon Gimme a break.
Character Generation is another bone of contention, if it takes an entire gaming session to create your character, to me that's a gaming session wasted.

Enough ranting.
Coming soon in FREE GAMES "ORCS! INNIT!" Raid your mates, Nick from their 'Ed piles and be the biggest Nob!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A.X.E. Dice Packaging

50 STANDARD VHS CASES - BLACK - PSV10I wanted something a little different, but strong and the hippy in me said "Something recycled" I found these 
VHS cases, the larger style that don't have the spindles. I dug one out from my loft and tried it out, Excellent!
The outer sleeve will carry the cover art (on the reverse will be cheat sheet style rule notes). Inside there is more than enough space for the Dice, Rules, Character cards, and miniatures. So apart from a pad of graph paper or dungeon tiles (if you have them).

Best thing is the cost £12 for 50. This means that overall the cost for A.X.E. Dice will be lower.
In fact I have decided that for any PCC games releases for sale I shall use these, they fit the book case nicely.


Some more notes on an insane idea are in the ideas article, why be a boring human,elf, dwarf or dreaded halfling. Be a BIG NOB be an ORC INNIT.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Name change and prototypes

Hi all,
First up a friend who's a hardened Indie gamer, has told me theres an RPG out there not only called BASH but BASH! its also a multiversal system, So I've gone for A.X.E. DICE - Adventure, X World (Crossworld), Engine Dice.

Secondly, I have the initial prototype Dice made, the Layout Die is the D12 and the Encounter Die is a special double D4.
The Layout Dice show, a tunnel that terminates into a X junction


The A.X.E. project is now live folks! donations can be made via PayPal, Card or Direct Debit at

All donations will be rewarded.
I do hope we can make this work there are so many ideas including some miniatures, but this can only work if we help each other, the banks certainly wont.