One idea we want to make is A.X.E. a unique perspective on both tabletop roleplaying and adventure board games, using simple mechanics  A.X.E. does away with the traditional Game master and gives the creative process of the adventure and storytelling completely over to the player.
A.X.E. Is a multiversal gaming system that does away with the need for vast amounts of rulebooks, tables and bucket loads of dice.

We have become too reliant on having to equate and quantifying things, in games more so. Why bother? Can we not say, it worked or it failed and not rely on armour save tables vs. Ammo type + gun or Sword type.
The core set of  A.X.E.  Comes in two flavours, “What I Got” - WIG is using the Polydice you already have in your gaming chest. The other version we offer if “Shiny Precious” - SP flavour you can make or we can send for a small amount, it contains a special D12 and D10.

Possible future releases of  A.X.E.  Are:
SLASH  A.X.E.  - Fantasy dungeoneering
STAR  A.X.E. - SCI FI, Space opera (StarWars,Aliens)
GORE  A.X.E.  - Modern horror meets Cthulu
TEK  A.X.E.  - Near Future Cyberpunk, Corporate horror

The history behind  A.X.E.  started out when Gauntlet was in the arcades and imaginative kids battled their way through Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstones Fighting Fantasy FF Books.
I imagined a game system using no GM, giving a Start, Middle and End just like any story, and the players themselves filling in the blanks, becoming Heroes in their own lunchtimes of creators of their demise.

I'm very passionate about  A.X.E. and I'm pursuing it via some Crowdfunding sites, so we shall see.

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  1. I've done some shopping and have found the perfect packaging, see on the home page for pics, Sturdy strong, available and eco friendly.