While playing football/Soccer on the Wii with wifey, She got angry that I kept Fouling and attacking her team, I laughed, She got angrier. My Daughter Tasha on the other hand took things in good spirit and when it was her turn kicked the living crap out of my team.
I now present my idea...

Lets get this straight I dislike sports! I do like Steve Jackson games "Car Wars" I do like "Blood Bowl", I love the original movie "Rollerball".

I HATE FOOTBALL or Soccer as its known around the world.
STREETBALL MURDER, a world not too dissimilar from our own maybe a few years down the line, sports and violence are still as popular with the Youth and the morbidly obese TV hawks.
In the UK city slums a new sport STREETBALL MURDER SBM has taken the world by storm.
5 a side football in closed off streets, burnt out cars blocking parts of the pitch, few rules if any, Ref's are in CCTV rooms, the players in helmets and spiked gloves, and stab vests.

1st team to 5 goals the winner.
1st team to lose all their players the loser.


I always liked Cartoons and Steve Jacksons Toon was fun, but too involved, I also like the Manga Apocalypse Meow. The entire Anthropomorphic stuff makes me chuckle (not a Furry btw, google it, its shocking).

Gun Bunnies is an idea for a board game of mass violence, piles of guns and cutesy animals wielding them.
II have notes, but nothing concrete, as there are no miniatures I found suitable and I'm quite rubbish at green stuffing moulding.
Any ideas or help folks?


"OO can get da mostest ed noggins, an be da biggest nob in da gang!"

ORCS INNIT! is an idea from a long time ago, orcs, goblins and the like were always the faceless underdog of the monster world. I wanted to give them some character and fun.

"Gobbo? well their like Orcs a bit, but sneaky buggers, Orcsey's smash bruv.!

I thought of two options, one a roleplaying adventure game where the players took on the roles of Orcs instead of the standard adventuring fare, and ORC POINTS (EDS) would be awarded for the player portraying the best ORC BOY!
The other was a Board game where ORC BOYS could raid neighbouring gangs and NICK their piles of heads.

I have some follow up notes to go with this, and I think maybe the next to get finished and go into the free games pile

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