Saturday, 2 March 2013

Back again

Hi folks
Well its been a long time, I've had a lot on Family, Work, and other things.
To catch up, AXE Dice was a dismal failure on Kickstarter and really got me down, somewhere kicking around my house there's the couple of prototype dice. I've used them a few times and everyone has enjoyed the simplicity.

On the games front, I may have mentioned I also do Live Roleplaying, and currently I'm running an event in July. The world I created is not entirely original, more a spin on existing themes. Its called Dawn of Steel and is a merging of several fantasy heroics Conan, Cuchalainn, Scorpion King and Slaine from the comic 2000ad. So lots of Barbarian action.
The reason I mention this is that I've also used it in a tabletop game using the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG rules.